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TITLE: New Technologies in Dentistry and How to implement Them into Your Practice
Raise the value and perception of your dental practice by incorporating technology. Lecture includes the use of lasers, computers, practice management software, digital radiography and digital photography. Discussion includes how to financially plan for integration. Getting the team excited and on-board with bringing it into the practice and introducing the technology to the patients.

TITLE: Mastering the New Patient experience
This lecture is an informative, entertaining, step-by-step process of inviting the new patient into the practice and achieving
maximum patient education and treatment plan acceptance. The goal is for the participant to see the new patient experience from a new point of view that will encourage a fresh approach to the comprehensive exam.

The program traces the new patient from the first phone call and follows through each point of contact throughout the dental office. The importance of each point of contact is emphasized through real life examples of what typically happens in a visit and the potential outcomes depending upon the staff/doctors response. Intentional communication skills are the link between each contact point to attain the highest level of care. Central to the lecture is the development of communication skills for the whole team to convey to the patient the highest level of service available. By understanding the importance of communication and mastering your communication skills, you will be able to achieve high levels of treatment plan acceptance and have patients making abundant referrals to your practice.

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