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Local AACD Member Dr. Paul Schoenbeck to Attend World's Largest Continuing Education Program for Cosmetic Dentistry
The AACD is the world's largest international dental organization dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry through responsible esthetics, of which Dr Paul Schoenbeck is an active member. "Contemporary cosmetic dentistry is a comprehensive approach to total oral health care that combines art and science to achieve optimal dental function, health, and esthetics," said AACD member Dr. Paul Schoenbeck. Read more...

Dr. Paul Schoenbeck Joins the Navy - Gorham New Hampshire Dentist Featured Speaker at US Naval Post-Graduate Dental School
Dr. Paul C. Schoenbeck, noted speaker and CEREC expert, was invited to "join the Navy" for the weekend …by…(the) National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) and Naval Post-Graduate Dental School... Over seventy people came to hear Dr. Schoenbeck; the original class was scheduled for only twenty. Read more...

North Country Dental gives the gift of a new smile to disfigured children through Operation Smile
North Country Dental gave new smiles for Christmas to children suffering from cleft palate and other facial deformities. The NCD staff donated $250 to Operation Smile instead of swapping gifts at the office this past year. The donation was matched by "Operation Smile" to cover two surgeries… Read more...

Dr. Paul Schoenbeck brings hi-tech dentistry to the Dominican Republic
Dr. Paul C. Schoenbeck recently became part of the largest humanitarian effort in the world by joining forces with other medical professionals on the USNS Comfort for Project Continuing Promise 2009 in the Dominican Republic. The Comfort, one of the two largest hospital ships in the world, is on a four-month humanitarian and civic assistance mission to Latin America and the Caribbean in support of Continuing Promise 2009. Read more...

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