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Dr. Paul C. Schoenbeck became part of the largest humanitarian effort in the world by joining forces with other medical professionals on the USNS Comfort for Project Continuing Promise 2009 in the Dominican Republic. The Comfort, one of the two largest hospital ships in the world, was on a four-month humanitarian and civic assistance mission to Latin America and the Caribbean in support of Continuing Promise 2009. Dr. Schoenbeck was part of a group of dentists, physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, optometrists, engineers, and others in the healthcare fields, who had over 40,000 healthcare encounters, 10,000 patient encounters, and 1000 animal treatments... Read more.

North Country Dental gave new smiles for Christmas to children suffering from cleft palate and other facial deformities. The NCD staff donated $250 to Operation Smile instead of swapping gifts at the office this past year. The donation was matched by "Operation Smile" to cover two surgeries. Dr. Paul Schoenbeck, founder of North Country Dental (NCD), is dedicated to serving the local community's children and devotes both his and his dentists' time and expertise each year, providing free dental care to underserved children through the American Dental Association's "Give Kids a Smile" program.

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